NZ game studio JaffaJam wants you to #JoinOurBubble with free games on Android and iOS

The NZ game Studio JaffaJam has teamed up with other studios to reduce some games on iOS and Android for free so you can entertain yourself and you kids in isolation.

A particular highlight is Samsara which I reviewed and enjoyed on Xbox rating it a 75%.

You can see the full list of games available here.


In New Zealand, we have a term for your companions with whom you share your lockdown – they are your “bubble”. JaffaJam believes games have the potential to make the world a slightly better place and support people at a time when they really need help. That’s why we’re asking you to #JoinOurBubble, a non-profit initiative to offer free games at a time they need them the most.

For families

This is a good time to be playing games – for relaxation and maybe even to learn a few things on the way. That’s why we at JaffaJam have decided to shift our focus to making games that alleviate stress and anxiety or help educate and inform.

Good news – we have also made our last four games completely free and you can find out how to access them at, along with a bunch of other games from like-minded game developers. And keep an eye open for more games coming to #JoinOurBubble as more teams get on board.

We wish the best for you and your family in these crazy times and hope we can do our bit to make everyone’s life a bit less stressful. Happy gaming!

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