Marvel’s Avengers Review

I was super curious about what Marvel’s Destiny, Destiny’s Avengers, I mean Marvel’s Avengers would be like. After watching the first War Table I decided to pull back and wait to experience the game as it releases. I wound up being both delighted and disappointed. 

When you kick off Marvel’s Avengers it highly suggests you start with the campaign to avoid spoilers and this is a good thing. The campaign is the best part of this game for multiple reasons. Advertising started putting Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) in the spotlight, and this is because Kamala is who you will play the bulk of the campaign as.  

We start with Kamala Khan as an excitable teen going to A-Day because her fan comic made it to the finals. After some time exploring the Avengers themed activities she meets the whole team. Then the chaos begins with an attack on the Golden Gate bridge. During this time you sample each of the Avengers and their attacking style. We are then treated to seeing the moment from the early trailers where an explosion goes off taking with it Captain America.

This explosion causes the inhumans to be created, including turning the innocent fangirl Kamala Khan into the superpowered Ms Marvel. Kamala being Kamala does not turn from the Avengers like everybody else does. In the aftermath of the explosion she becomes part of the resistance online and eventually in the real world, kicking off the task of reuniting the Avengers.

I won’t spoil the story much more because it is a fun ride. It doesn’t feel like an overly special story, but it is the kind of popcorn munching adventure we have come to expect from Avengers media. What I like is the focus on Ms Marvel. Everyone else on the team is who we are used to, so focussing on a newer avenger was a delightful change. That and the big bad is one we haven’t seen overused so these add a lot of freshness to the story while keeping the fan favourites in moderate doses.

Then comes the post game. Basically like Destiny, it involves doing the same maps and missions repetitively to get more loot. When you get good you know where to look for crates with gear, as well as the rewards at the end of a mission. There are a bunch of side missions you can do during the campaign or afterwards, and additional bosses to take out, but for the most part it’s the same repetitive loop.

When starting a mission you can wait for your lobby to fill up, or fill empty spaces with AI characters which is cool, but it can become tedious fast. This gameplay would be best with a bunch of friends because like Destiny, doing these repeatable tasks is a lot more fun when you have a regular group.

The other annoyance is that the game isnt without bugs. I got stuck in and between objects which is super annoying. In one mission I went to save an ally and noted that going towards the room they were locked in that there were no enemies which was weird. Then after an hour of hunting around and on buildings for a switch or pressure plate I realised that it must have been a bug.

There are two camps that Marvel’s Avengers should appeal to. Anyone looking for a solid Avengers campaign centered around Ms Marvel should enjoy themselves like I did as long as they can overlook the annoying loot system built around the grinding. Otherwise, someone looking for a new multiplayer loot game to play with friends should find this a lot of fun as long as they can get over the limited number of maps and odd annoying bugs.

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