Luigi’s Mansion 3 review

Mario has his Odyssey, and Yoshi has his Island. What about Luigi?

Well, Luigi has several Mansions, and they’re all extremely haunted. He definitely got the short end of the plunger here.

With Luigi’s mansion driving onto the Switch, the formula changes a tad. Now the other plumber is in a hotel filled with spooks and surprises. Yes that’s innovation. No elevators full of blood, true, but you still shouldn’t Overlook this game.

I’m not even CLOSE to enough Shining jokes.

Shine that light, Luigi

Armed with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner, Luigi ventures into the Last Resort Hotel to help his more famous friends. You will definitely be sick of Luigi cooing “Maaaaariooooo” in the first ten minutes, but push through; it’s worth it.

Polterpup is unreasonably adorable and I will die to protect him. I just can’t help but feel he was underused. Yeah, it was nice to have him as an emergency rescue service, would have preferred him as a playable alternative to Gooigi. Once you get to grips with the mechanics, you don’t need much help, and end up seeing less ghost mutt than you’d like.

And speaking of Gooigi…

Heeeeere’s Gooigi!

Did you ever look at Luigi and think hey, he should be more green? Well, you’re in luck… weirdo. Gooigi is here to act as your ectoplasmic envoy to all the places that Luigi wants to be, but has too many pesky bones for.

The addition of Gooigi is a cool mechanic, that’s true. The downside is that you end up having to replay areas two or three times to get to everything. There’s replay-ability and there’s repetition, and this is certainly more the latter.

Searching for the elevator buttons was also annoying, as the order of the floors seemed purely random. You could argue this is a style thing, but I still would have liked a linear up-the-tower approach. Hey, maybe you can only take the elevator down again once you’ve found that button? Certainly would’ve added in some time between repeated sections.

Muucav! Muucav Tsohg!

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, your options for combat are Suck or Blow. Now stop laughing, you degenerate, you know what I mean; your main tool is a Ghost vacuum. Surprisingly versatile, actually; I’m expecting some kind of spooky Roomba for the next instalment.

I’m not a fan of tank controls or auto aim, and wouldn’t ya know it this had both. This made combat tricky, to say the least. Fights were very gimmicky, and in the early game didn’t always use the mechanic you learned about eight seconds ago, which was a bit cruel. Normally, I’d expect the boss immediately following a new ability to be countered by that ability.

But hey, I’m not a game designer; I just know I didn’t enjoy it.

All campaign and no multiplayer makes Luigi a dull boy

Multiplayer was fun, as it usually is to sit on a couch with your partner yelling at an animated plumber in a pool floatie. It was an odd choice to make it minigames only; I was hoping for more teamed-up multiplay in the main game, with another player as Gooigi (or, even better, Polterpup). Can’t have it all, I guess.

Overall, Luigi’s mansion is a very cute game. If your kid is bugging you to let him play Alien Isolation, this is a good alternative. It’s not fair to call it survival horror, but at its core this is a spooky game, despite how adorable it is.

This is something that I’d give to a child with an older sibling, so they can have fun but still get some much needed help with boss fights.

Spoopy but flawed fun
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