HP Envy Inspire 7921e Printer Review

Printers have always been the bane of my existence, so I basically opted to not buy one and to use Warehouse Stationery on the rare occasions I needed one. Then the pandemic hit, I started working from home more, and those Warehouse Stationery bills went from a couple of bucks a year, to a lot more.

So when Hewlett-Packard (HP) wanted me to take the HP Envy Inspire 7921e for a spin, I figured, why not try it.

Setting up

These days so much tech uses an app to set it up, and this printer is no different. You don’t have to, but doing so is massively beneficial. Setting up is a breeze as at that stage it literally takes you through every step, even showing where to remove the tape from.

Once this is done, you are in a good position because that app is handy. From here you can print straight from your phone, which is incredibly useful. 


What is a printer without printing? Well, I would say not much at all, and this beauty makes it easy as hell to print to.

The normal printing is incredible. I printed some photos to A4 size on standard paper and they looked way better than I was expecting. I thought this would be unreasonable to test the printer’s limits, but the photo looked good.

Speaking of photos, the printer takes photo paper so you don’t need to run down to Harvey Norman for that now. The printer came with a sample of paper to get you trying it out, and ooh boy I was happy with the results. I printed straight from the photos on my phone and it could not have been easier. Gone are the days of choosing them, sticking them on a flash drive and taking that to the shop to print. Browse and print the photos you like as you go. Easy.

The sample paper included some glossy squares. These were easy to use and you cropped the photo in the app, so they came out looking awesome with minimal effort. The best sample was the matte 6×4 photo paper, which is double-sided. This auto-loads info from your photo like the date which prints on the back; you can then modify this to include info like who is in the photo, what was happening etc.

This is a seriously cool feature because there is nothing worse than looking at a photo and not remembering which ambiguous beach it was, or what was so important about the day.


HP Envy Inspire 7921e

Anyone who has worked in an office for a while knows that when you need to scan something, take it to work and scan on your break. Well, again, working from home is more common. Older small home printers tend to require you to place each page on the glass, one at a time, and then get that sent to your computer.

Not the HP Envy Inspire 7921e; this one has a document scanner, and oh my god, it is essential. The moment your page count is above three, you will be grateful to have it.  

HP+ and other features

HP+ is a pretty awesome idea. Basically, you set it up to have a monthly fee and when your printer runs low on ink it orders some more. The fee you pay will depend on how many prints you think you will do, so if you are a light user it is a lower fee, which could be a pain while you try to figure out your use. Especially if you are a sporadic user.  

The benefit is you will get that sweet new ink in the mail before you run out. This eliminates the dash to the shop hoping to find the right ink because you ran out and need to print this document urgently.

HP+ also brings with it some online services, the best of which is being able to print remotely. That is handy, being able to print as you see you need it, and send the jobbies off. Get home and boom, good to go.

Now you might be starting to think, this is sounding a lot like a corporate printer. In many ways it kinda is. It has a boxy look to it; there is a paper feeder tray below it, the cool little touch screen. It looks and acts like a corporate printer in all the right ways.

One annoyance was when I went to scan it said “Scan to” and I got all excited that I could set it up to scan to my email, but it only had one option which was PC. I suspect this is a ‘the same software, multiple printers’ kind of situation, but still, I was a little disappointed.

A functional printer

For $149.00, the HP Envy Inspire 7921e is a good printer. It has heaps of functionality that makes it more than a personal printer, but it’s still nice and small to fit in the home. For the price it is a good all-round heavy hitter.

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