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If I were to tell you to picture a VR game published by Devolver Digital, known for some cartoony violent stuff, where you were a gladiator in an arena fighting other gladiators, I am pretty sure you will have a pretty good idea of what that would look like.

Having played it for many hours now, I can confirm that what you are picturing is exactly what GORN is bringing you.

I laugh in the face of danger!

GORN is a simple game.  You go into an arena, pick up a weapon, and face waves of enemies coming through the doors to fight.  The main campaign has you making your way through stages where you are introduced to a new weapon, fight some gladiators, get handed a new weapon, and fight some more gladiators.

Oh and eventually you fight a boss before taking on a new arena with new weapons.

It’s a simple premise, for a simple game.  Well simple if you stretch first.

Lie down before you hurt yourself.

The hardest part of the game is swinging your arms around so much.  GORN uses the PS Move controllers and you will be using both of your arms, a lot.   From rocking a mace and a shield, to dual wielding a hammer and a sword or using a two handed flail to smash your enemies to bits, your arms will definitely get a workout.

This has you working up a real sweat at times, as enemies come at you slowly, but you will be swinging your axe at one and not notice the three that have slowly caught up to you from behind.  This brings one of the games weaknesses with the port which is it doesnt tell you if you are facing the TV.  

Everything the light touches, is our kingdom.

It is well known that the move controllers are a limiting factor for PSVR.  This game especially is hard to keep your feet planted on the ground.  You turn in the game using a button and move by swinging your arms back and forth holding a button which actually works well for the format, yet somehow I kept winding up facing backwards.

Seriously I didn’t think I was moving my feet at all and yet my hands in the game would start bugging out because I was facing the opposite way and the camera couldn’t see the move controller behind my body.  Every time I played the game, without fail.

Some arrows like the Iron Man demo uses to give you an idea of which way you face would have been a godsend.

Slimy yet satisfying

Of course if this game was realistic, it would be terrifying. Fortunately GORN is as cartoonish as it gets.  Characters have the aspect ratio of a person in a pixar film, and you slice off chunks of them with cartoonish blood and gore going everywhere.

This cartoonish nature is helped massively by the silly physics at play in the game.  Gladiators tumble towards you slowly. By removing their legs you will have them trying to move towards you and attack as they lay face down on the ground.  One of the early bosses even flings himself into the air to try and slam into you.  It’s slow and frazy chaos, and oh so much fun.

I’m only brave when I have to be

If you are looking for a game that is silly, fun and will get your heart rate up, GORN could well be for you.  Some limitations like getting the floor right so you can pick up weapons is easily overlooked as you hack your way through cartoonish enemies for the silly heads that represent your masters in the stands.  It’s what I expected, and I’m happy about that.

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