Balan Wonderworld is getting a free demo next week

Square Enix Ltd. has announced that a free demo for Balan Wonderworld is being released next week.

I have been watching the all-new action-platformer from the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog since it’s announcement, so a demo is the perfect way to convince us Balan-curious people if it is a worth getting.

The demo will be available to play from January 28th, allowing players to experience two hours of Balan Wonderworld gameplay ahead of its March 26th release date.

The demo is going to include local co-op mode and single player mode on each platform that the full game will be released on.

Demo Release Date: 

Midnight, Thursday 28th January


PS5/PS4/Switch/Xbox Series X|S/XB1/Steam

The demo will feature three of Balan Wonderworlds twelve magical worlds:

World 1 – The Man Who Rages Against the Storm

Playable Areas: Act 1, Act 2, Boss Battle

World One is set in a beautiful farm, made up of rolling hills and giant crops. This mysterious world is woven from the memories inside Jose Gallard’s heart, a farmer whose beautiful cornfield is struck by a storm. The boss lurking in the depths of Jose’s world is Barktholomew, the embodiment of Jose’s despair after seeing his cornfield being destroyed.

World 4 – The Boy Who Would be One with the Wind

Playable Areas: Act 1

World Four takes place in a fantastical setting born from the heart of Chang Haoyu and his love of the open sky, where bicycle parts and floating islands of all sizes are scattered through the sky.

World 6 – The Girl and the Kitten

Playable Areas: Act 1

World Six follows the story of Cass Milligan, depicting the town where she meets a cute kitten. In this magical world built from Cass Milligan’s fond memories, candy pieces and books float in the air and there are mysterious buildings full of moving gears.

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