ASUS GL552JX Gaming Laptop Review

When it comes to Gaming Laptops, the market is highly competitive. With Numerous brands competing for supremacy, ASUS’ Republic of Gamers Brand ensures that ASUS are able to deliver quality gaming Laptops that have the performance that gamers need when playing on the run. The cost of $2,300 will rule out a lot of people from being able to purchase. The online second-hand market may able to offer a more economical way of obtaining this sort of laptop. There are many cheap laptops on these sites varying from the low to high range too, get more information here.

The AUS ROG GL552 has a 15.6 inch form factor that boosts an IPS FUll HD anti-glare screen. The size means that it’s not too small to make it hard to game on, yet not so big that it is hard to transport around. After all when it comes to gaming laptops, part of the appeal is having a machine that you can take with you when travelling and a bigger form factor also brings with it more weight so 15.6 inches is a good compromise for size and portability. ASUS say that the design of the GL552 was inspired by the F-22 stealth fighter and that does ring true. The Black lid with brushed metal finish catches the eye straight away and the Mayan inspired design above the red backlit keyboard shows that ASUS went to a lot of effort to make this laptop pleasing on eye.

Hiding beneath that F22/Mayan inspired design is an Intel i7 4720HQ Processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD and an nVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 4GB DDR3VRAM graphics chip. With an HDD comes the inherent possibility of mechanical failure and a subsequent loss of data; when this happens, something along the lines of seagate data recovery services may be required to solve the dilemma. This model of the GL552 was released in 2015 so granted you’ll find gaming laptops now that sport Intel’s powerhouse Skylake processors plus come with a minimum of a GTX 960M and DDR4 RAM but the specs that does come with the GL552 are still reasonable. Especially since this laptop falls into that mid-tier category. Some Laptop’s in 2015 came out with an GTX 860M so the 950M is a step up in performance. The i7 4720HQ still performs well as a processor, it has a lower power consumption and it is better than most at executing threads.


A feature of the GL552 that I really liked was one that you just don’t see very often these days. It comes with a built-in blu-ray drive. In the digital age more and more PC’s & Laptops are ditching optical drives but I quite like still having the option to install via physical disc rather than download. Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of apps and games I have are digital only but the disc drive is going to be a godsend for people who live in areas with bad internet connection.

These machines can have all the features in the world though but none of that matters if in-game performance is underwhelming. If you’re buying a gaming laptop it has to perform and as a mid-tier laptop the GL552 does a good job. Playing a slightly older game like Shadow of Mordor or The Evil Within is handled without a hitch, you’ll be getting close to a constant 60FPS at FullHD resolution and medium settings. Playing a game like Just Cause 3 which released late in 2015 performance on medium comes in at around 30-40FPS. Sure 30FPS isn’t setting the world on fire but it certainly isn’t anything to be sneezed at. Keep in mind that this is a laptop that was released a lot earlier than a game like Just Cause 3 so getting no lower than 30FPS with good looking graphics is still going to be more than enough when you are out on the road, especially when you aren’t having to sell half your body parts to buy the laptop. I’m not a big PC graphics/performance tinkerer so I love being able to use GeForce Experience to run a quick check and optimise the in-game settings to get solid performance out of the laptop’s specs. Often a game will intially run higher settings so closing out of the game and running GeForce Experience to optimise the settings will make for a better gaming experience.

The backlit keyboard is well put together and good under the hand, however I still recommend switching to an external keyboard and mouse combo. It’s not a slight on the GL552, it doesn’t matter what gaming laptop I’m using, I always find myself going for a mechanical keyboard and mouse with customisable buttons. The built in keyboard is more than enough for web browsing and typing documents but when it comes to gaming go external.

As with a lot of gaming laptops, the GL552 is more than just a gaming laptop, it is also very capable as a multi-media device. With eternet, wifi, 3 in 1 card reader, a couple of USB 3.0 ports and an USB 2.0 port there is plenty of connectivity at hand. In fact it also has HDMI and VGA port so connecting it up to a monitor or TV is no problem at all. I actually used this more than a few times to stream Game of Thrones on Neon onto the TV via HDMI and didn’t have any issues. There is enough processing power on hand to be able to handle an Office tasks you have for it and even the avid photoshoper shouldn’t have any issues here, even on some more complex tasks.

If you are looking at a good mid-tier gaming laptop then the GL552 is a solid option, particularly if you travelling a fair bit and are looking for something that can more than capably handle business requirements as well. At 15.6 inches the GL552 is right around that sweet spot for size and portability. Than enough input ports to ensure you can plug all of your favourite devices in, especially that all important gaming keyboard/mouse combo. There are going to be those people who will always spend a fortune to get the best performance available but there are also a heap of people looking for something that delivers solid performance at a reasonable price. Coming in at around the $2,300 these days the GL552 you could do a lot worse than this bad boy at that price point. If you are the sort of person that wants to go all out then the ASUS G752 is probably going to be right up your alley.

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