Are gamers making the Switch due to Covid?

According to new data insights from the fully impartial price and product comparison site, PriceSpy, popularity for Nintendo Switch games are skyrocketing – with Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure claiming the overall top spot as most clicked-on game for the second month in a row.

PriceSpy have noticed more of a presence from Nintendo Switch games placing amongst the top three spots on their popularity board.

“Whilst price drops can often attract gamers to click more on older game releases, we believe this not to be the case for the rise in popularity for Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, as the price point has remained fairly static since it first launched.

“Instead, a big contributing factor that may have led to the rise in popularity for this particular game is Covid-19 and lockdown, as people had to stay in and they wanted to stay active and feel motivated.

The good news is Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure is now back in stock but before shoppers rush out to buy a copy, we still encourage consumers to conduct important price research before they buy, as this important buying step can help save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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