2K and Bethesda are going to play each others games on Twitch to raise funds for Bush Fire Relief

In one of the most interesting ways to raise funds, Bethesda and 2K will stream each others games on Twitch on Saturday the 15th at midday to raise funds for bush fire relief.

2K will stream Skyrim, and Bethesda will stream Borderlands using the links below.

2K and Bethesda Softworks are joining forces to raise funds for those affected by the recent devastating Australian bush fires.

On Saturday, February 15, in an unprecedented initiative, both companies will play each other’s games – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Borderlands 3 – on their respective Twitch channels.

All proceeds will go directly to the Australian Red Cross to help people who have lost their homes and communities, as well as begin the rebuilding process after the fires caused so much destruction and continue to threaten homes and wildlife across the country.

The streams will be live on the Bethesda Twitch channel and the Borderlands Twitch channel. The action will start with both companies playing Skyrim together, and then moving to Borderlands 3 midway through the stream. Viewers can show their support by donating during the live stream, as well as through the Tiltify campaign launching today at https://tiltify.com/+2k-bethesda/abfr/donate

Content creator friends of 2K and Bethesda will also host streams over the coming weeks to join the cause and help raise much-needed funds and increase awareness as Saturday, February 15 draws near. Participants will be using the same link as above to ensure funds go direct to the Australian Red Cross. 

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